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Tri City East Veterinary Hospital was built in 1985. Dr. Greg Cromer and Dr. Kerri Clack purchased TCEVH in 1989, starting their practice with just two employees, a computer and a copy machine.

By 1990, Tri City East had already dramatically grown, adding new vets to the roster. The '90s saw many other successes at the hospital: a new laboratory, a high-tech bathing system, new computers, a new dental machine, and many new veterinarians. As the 1990s came to a close, Dr. Cromer decided to decrease the size of the hospital staff and return to a more intimate practice.

In 2000, the hospital underwent major construction. TCEVH added 15 indoor runs, two hospital wards, a bathing room, an expanded treatment area, kitty condos, an isolation ward, a food prep kitchen, an additional examination room and a new Intensive Care Unit. This was just the beginning of what would become a decade of advances at the hospital, including upgrades to our radiology, computers, laser tools, anesthetic machine, laboratory upgrades, dental machine and ultrasound.

Today, Tri City East is one of the most technologically advanced veterinary hospitals in Arizona, and certainly the most advanced for a smaller practice. When you become our client, you get Dr. Cromer's personal care as well as the latest technology.

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